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Diverse and dynamic, San Francisco’s central NoPa district is a buzzing hub of free-spirited culture and commerce.


Welcome to NOPA

Diverse and dynamic, San Francisco’s central NoPa district is a buzzing hub of free-spirited culture and commerce. North Panhandle (NoPa) is a small neighborhood that extends from Masonic Avenue in the west to Statyan Street in the east.
The architectural mix is eclectic, as modern apartments and renovated condos share the street with historic Victorian and Edwardian homes. Many properties feature attractively landscaped backyards. As one of San Francisco’s trendiest neighborhoods, homes within NoPa have consistently been sought after.
NoPa’s vibrant atmosphere attracts people from all demographics. Young professionals love the buzz and upscale eateries, and entrepreneurs and artists are drawn to the neighborhood’s sense of freedom and openness to new ideas.
NoPa is one of San Francisco’s most dynamic neighborhoods—a place quick to embrace new ideas and spark new trends. Many of NoPa’s restaurants rank among the city’s best, including the neighborhood’s namesake Nopa eatery, which is known for its urban rustic vibe and contemporary cuisine made with farm-fresh ingredients. Nopa is one of many outstanding restaurants along Divisadero Street. Other highlights include the excellent seafood and $1 oysters at Bar Crudo, great Italian dishes at Ragazza, and exquisite onigiri at intimate Ijji Sushi. Divisadero Street is full of cool bars, chic nightlife spots, unique art galleries, and wonderfully quirky cafes and specialty stores. It’s also home to The Independent, a cornerstone of San Francisco’s live music scene. The Bi Rite Market is one of the best places in the city to pick up fresh foodstuffs, including an incredibly comprehensive selection of apples and excellent ready-made salads. Bi Rite’s homemade ice cream is arguably San Francisco’s best.
The neighborhood is conveniently located for accessing some of San Francisco’s best parks. Steiner Street’s iconic colorful Victorian rowhomes, known as the Painted Ladies, flank the green space of Alamo Square Park. There’s a baseball diamond across the neighborhood at Max Ulrich Field. The sprawling Golden Gate Park extends for more than 1000 acres in NoPa’s southwest, containing a wealth of recreation spaces and the enchanting San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

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